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A bundle of technology to help you buy or sell internationally

We are a True Stockhouse. Our organization buys and sells countless commodities internationally. Our technology and ecosystems in place allow us to easily source qualified new suppliers, ready-willing-and-able buyers, guarantee payment of goods and even in 99% of the cases, guarantee delivery.

True Stockhouse makes importing and exporting goods fast and safe.

Ecosystems that save Time, Money and Guarantee results

True Stockhouse has many bits and pieces. We do business with countless organizations on a daily basis and if it were not for the different business systems we hold proprietary, we would never be able to meet the demands of our client base. We strive to be the go-to organization for any and all international trade deals

We buy, supply and sell internationally, guarantee delivery and payment. Its simple as long as all our pieces are connected which they are.

Invictus benefits

Services we offer

Selling overseas? Your market is us.

Are you currently selling overseas, or want to begin doing so? Your market is us. We will buy a portion of your stock, or all of it month after month. Don't say its not possible, because it is.

Importing? Trying to cut down on cost of goods sold? We'll supply it.

No need to look for suppliers, from certain countries, or geographical regions. We have them right here. Find goods at your chosen quality levels and content, review pricing, monthly supply ability and order, all in one place, conveniently.

Circles Go Round

True Stockhouse will take care of the rest. We make sure suppliers find buyers, and are paid on time, buyers find what they are looking for to their specifications, and that delivery is made seamlessly and safely.

Establish work and life balance

True Stockhouse, sources goods, sells them and delivers. What does that make us? A research agency, import/export broker, company agent, sales organization, logistics organization? It all depends on what you want us to be.

We make importing or exporting products safe for all parties involved. Reach out to us and find out how you won’t have to worry about doing business overseas anymore.

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Our goal is to rid international trade of insecurity and offer certainty through the use of our systems, technology and ecosystems.

We want to save time and money for the world and to become and remain the largest import-export management organization.

We aim to open borders for businesses of all sizes and locations. There is uncertainty in the international community. Politics gets in the way, different laws and regulations make business hard. We want to offer a 1 stop-solution, to all international trade, helping people from the local grocery store owner to the conglomerates of the world.

We are a highly-process-oriented organization. Our ecosystem of technology in place aids our valued employees immensely. In turn, our systems and trust in the markets can offer true-value, and true stock to the international world at speeds unseen without compromising anyone in the process. Safety and trust is our number 1 priority.

We source suppliers of all avenues. We source buyers. We take and guarantee payment, quality and delivery. No one else does. Only True Stockhouse can. TSH Can.

Are you an exporter? Upon joining our services, you will be able to let True Stockhouse know what you have available for sale. The quantity available and the price per unit. Upon doing so, buyers internationally, or domestically will see such supply, and if their criteria matches yours, an import/export deal takes place.

Are you an importer? Upon signing up and having your account approved, you will be able to review suppliers for products. You can review the quantity available and the prices they offer for the goods you’re interested in. It is as simple as a couple clicks of a mouse and you’ll have successfully sourced goods internationally. True Stockhouse keeps it simple.

True Stockhouse holds funds from the buyer in a binding-account, the moment they hit  the buy button. The supplier receives word that they made a sale. We guarantee delivery of goods to the buyer and payment to the supplier. We handle all the import/export documentation. All you have to do is ship the goods or wait for their delivery to your premises.