True Stockhouse has begun the import and exportation of Organic Intermediates. This would include of course, Flavor and Fragrance Intermediates, Pharmaceutical and Agrochemical Intermediates.

Items such as Benyzl Alcohol, Azodicarbonamide, Povidone iodine, Acetylacetone, Morpholine, and Glutaral to Tetramethyl-2-Cyclopentenone, Dimethyl Carbonate, even Natural Terpineol (Pine Oil). Not everyone can say they can supply half of what we can supply.

Organic intermediates are important in the production of numerous end products, and as a result of being a necessity, and also used by a number of our pharmaceutical clients, we found it efficient to increase our spectrum of items offered for trade.

As a True Stockhouse, we offer a number of products. And as the company we are, there is nothing we cannot import or export throughout the world.